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May 11, 2022

Ongoing Development of Conceptual Master Plan for the Town of Svobodny in Amur Oblast

Together with the “Grad” Institute for Territorial Planning, the CENTER Lab International Urban Laboratory is carrying out the development of the Conceptual Master Plan for the town of Svobodny in Amur Oblast.

As part of the research, its main goals and objectives were formulated:

  • Improving living conditions for people (improving the quality of life), increasing the availability of social services, and creating opportunities for people’s self-realization,
  • Rational implementation of new investment projects, taking into account the priority sectors, vacant land plots and areas, logistics, social infrastructure in a single image of the town (zones, territories),
  • Improving the quality of the urban environment (the quality of capital construction, landscaping, revitalization and comprehensive development of territories, the preservation of natural landscapes and cultural heritage) and creating a harmonious image of urban areas,
  • Developing the measures for the environmental protection and careful treatment of nature,
  • Creating a basis for making decisions on the social, economic and spatial development of the town of Svobodny,
  • Compiling a list of key development projects for the town of Svobodny with justification of social and economic expediency.

The Master Plan creators conducted a socio-economic and spatial analysis of the development level of the town of Svobodny and identified the most promising scenarios of its growth. They analyzed trends, traditions and potential of the macro-region.

As a result of the research, the Master Plan creators compiled a long list and a short list of key projects that affected various areas of the town’s life – from housing stock and recreation areas to manufacturing, ecology and transportation.

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