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June 24, 2022

Poll of inhabitants of Tynda started

From June 23, as part of a comprehensive analysis and development of a vision for the long-term development of the city of Tynda, Amur Region, a survey of residents of the city and its guests has started. Results of the poll will be a part of the Strategic Master Plan, a comprehensive planning document that will establish a list of priority projects and activities to change the city’s economy and improve the quality of life.

To take part, it is necessary to mark proposals and ideas for the development of the city on the interactive map until July 8.

The survey is aimed at identifying public opinion about the potential for the development of the territory, clarifying proposals for the development of urban infrastructure and the placement of new facilities.

The results of the survey will be taken into account when developing a master plan for the city of Tynda. Planning the development of the city is possible only with the participation of its inhabitants.

Take part in the survey at the link:

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