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June 8, 2022

Maria Sedletskaya joins panel discussion at ARCH Moscow 2022

Maria Sedletskaya, Head of the Analytical Group of CENTER Lab International Urban Laboratory, was a panelist in the New Approaches to the Master Planning of Russian Cities discussion as part of the business program at the 27th ARCH Moscow International Exhibition of Architecture and Design.

Master planning is a comprehensive development strategy that must consider multiple dimensions and factors of territory, such as the economy, the social sphere, ecology, and the urban environment. Maria illustrated the methodical and integrated approach using the case study of the town of Tynda.

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Maria Sedletskaya

Head of the Analytical Group

“Tynda — a small town with accessible, capital-class services and a high-quality urban environment”

Founded as a camp of gold prospectors, Tynda became the capital of the Baikal–Amur Mainline. Today, the town is stricken by all the issues typical of single-industry settlements, including a poor variety of job opportunities, crumbling housing, a lack of modern recreation formats, and others. A model of an integrated economy and 3 feasible development scenarios were proposed to address the problems and drive a visible transformation, provided the town is connected to the gas network. The historically embedded “cultural code of the builder of Tynda” will enable the achievement of this vision of the future.

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